Hands Off Syria!


Jill Stein (website):

“The situation in Syria is complicated and disastrous, with an all-out civil war in Syria entangled with a proxy war among many powers seeking influence in the region.  US pursuit of regime change in Libya and Iraq created chaos that promotes power grabs by extremist militias.  Many of the weapons we are sending into Syria to arm anti-government militias end up in the hands of ISIS.  In Syria it’s extremely difficult to sort out this complicated web of resistance fighters, religious extremists and warlords with backing from regional and world powers.  The one thing that is clear is that historic and current US military intervention in the Middle East is throwing fuel on the fire.”


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50 Shades of Green


So you say you STILL want a revolution?  Okay, let’s talk.

With the slamming of the door at the end of the Democratic National Convention still ringing in our ears, it appeared to us Bernie supporters that there were two paths to pursue.

The first was Our Revolution (OR), the outfit set up by Bernie’s top staffers.  Yes, many were heaving in the bushes at Bernie himself having not only endorsed Hillary Clinton, but then going on the campaign trail for her.  Still, the Greens claimed to be fielding only 279 candidates around the country for a variety of offices, and thousands of seats are up for grabs that the Greens are in no position to contend for.  The promise of a vibrant grassroots organization, maintaining the momentum of the Sanders primary campaign, and backing the most progressive down-ticket candidates, seemed like an attractive option.  High on that list of such candidates was Tim Canova, who was challenging disgraced former f3DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida in U.S. House District 23.

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